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The Force Support Squadron has many front line employees trained in customer service. Between the golf course, bowling centers, children's facilities, fitness centers, and more, it's essential to understand our customers and ensure that we are offering the best service available. That's why we're looking for Mystery Shoppers to help us learn our strengths and find our weak points so we can better improve.​

A Mystery Shopper is an undercover customer that goes into a business to evaluate their entire experience.

They observe the customer service process, evaluate the service delivery and effectiveness of staff training, and analyses their entire visit. 

This is done through personally visiting the business or through phone communication, and all situations will be set up by the Marketing Team. 

​Why Become a Mystery Shopper?
• You'll help us identify potential problems before they turn into major ones.
• Allow us to better understand a customer's experiences from your perspective.
• Share your positive experiences to help train and motivate our front line employees.
• Participate, evaluate, and get reimbursed for doing the things that you already love to do!

  Frequently Asked Questions

​Previous experience is ​not​ required. We are looking for reliable, detail-oriented shoppers with good written communication skills.

Mystery Shoppers can be a diverse group representing ages 18 and older: spouses, active duty members, retirees, civilians, contractors, or students. 

 In most cases, it will not take you longer than 30 minutes; however, if taking a class or attending a program, the length of time may vary.

​As a Mystery Shopper, you can do as much or as little as you like. You choose which assignments you want and the dates that best fit your schedule, all within the guidelines provided by the 42d FSS. You will be alerted to assignments based on your interests and location.

Once you have accepted your assignment, we will provide you with a set of written shopper instructions and a copy of the questionnaire that explains exactly what information you should gather while you are visiting the facility. All completed forms must be submitted to the FSS Marketing Office in building 1067. All assignments are due no later than 3 pm the day after the assigned shop date. The only exception is weekend shop dates, and they are due the next following business day.

​Cancellations:​ Occasionally, shoppers have emergencies that require them to cancel. If that should occur, email the POC/Scheduler and explain your situation. There are times an extension can be granted. If a shopper accepts a shop and cancels numerous times, a note will be made in the shopper's profile each time and if this becomes a common occurrence, that shopper may be deactivated.

 You receive cash reimbursement for services purchased. The FSS Reimburses shoppers upon submission of the completed evaluation report and accompanying receipt from the facility at the FSS Marketing Office located in building 1067.

What makes a good report?

  1. Pay attention to detail. Make sure you visit the correct facility, purchase the required item(s), ask specific questions provided on your survey form and/or follow the scenario you were given to complete the shop correctly as noted in the shop instructions.
  2. If you cannot complete your assignment, notify the FSS POC immediately. They may be able to extend the due date or reschedule the shop to someone else. 
  3. Read and follow the shop instructions, and review the evaluation/survey form BEFORE completing your shop.
  4. Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  5. Make sure you write in complete sentences so your points can be understood. 
  6. Do not use abbreviations.
  7. Make sure all of your comments match your yes and no answers on the evaluation form. If you marked a question no, make sure to explain why.
  8. For summaries/narratives, be sure you have written a good report with plenty of details. This allows us to get a clear understanding of what took place during your visit. 
  9. Be accurate, fair, and tell the truth. Please report both positive and negative experiences in an objective manner.
  10. Do not give opinions; just state the facts as to what happened. Avoid such statements as "I felt" or "I think".
  11. Never cut and paste comments from another facility and just change the names and a few details. All visits are unique and the reports must be written based on the individual experience. 
  12. Never reveal yourself as a Mystery Shopper.
  13. Be discrete! Do not take notes or conduct yourself in a way that could identify you as a shopper.
  14. If you have poor experience, the facility will be able to take note of this from your report. Please do not cause a scene with the employee or manager.
  15. Do not take any paperwork in with you to do a shop.
  16. Fill out the report immediately upon leaving the facility to ensure you do not forget any details.
  17. Submit your report on time and respond quickly if we have questions about your report.
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