New Facilities to Gunter Annex

One of the most significant moves on Gunter is the creation of their Satellite services. This facility brings representatives from Maxwell to make a home on Gunter for your convenience. Need to rent some equipment for that weekend barbeque? Outdoor Rec can have it delivered to the base within two business days. Need some advice on how to handle family situations like finance, buying a house, or learning about the military lifestyle for your family? Airman & Family Readiness will be there to help.  

Official Opening: November 4 @ 8am
​Building: ​847

Facility ​Hours Services
​Airman & Family Readiness Center
(334) 416-1386

Mon-Wed, Fri
• Walk-ins from 811am
• Appointments from 124pm


Federal Holidays and AETC Family Days

• Outprocessing AFAS, Relocation, TAP, SBP

• Appointment AFAS, RELO, TAP, SBP, PFC, MFLC

• Pending services: Personal Work Life, Readiness, Employment, I&R, Vol, Financial Counselor)

• Classes as requested: TAP, Relocation Sponsorship Awareness Training, Baby & You, etc
​Information, Tickets & Tours and Outdoor Rec
(334) 416-3249
10am – 5pm

Federal Holidays and AETC Family Days
• Ticket Sales

• Basic Equipment Rental

• Reservation operations for Mid-bay and Lake Martin are housed through their respective facility

​Career Assistance Advisor
(334) 953-7829
​By Appointment​• Classes and seminars found via SharePoint site (Please visit Professional Development page)
​Military Personnel Flight (MPF)
(334) 416-1399
Mon-Wed, Fri


Federal Holidays & AETC Family Days
​• Customer Support Function: DEERS ID Cards (Appointment only)

• Career Development/Force Management (Walk-ins only)

If you're already handy with some tools and need a place to work on your vehicles, then the Gunter Auto Hobby is ready you now! They're open on the weekends for you to utilize their machines and get your cars in top shape. Our staff can assist in basic maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, replacing rotors and more. Don't just bring what you drive on the road, but you can also work on boats or lawncare mechanics too!

Building: 825
Phone: (334) 416-1304

Saturday: 8am3pm
Sunday: 15pm

 We've got a coffee shop headed to Gunter that's being currently being designed! Brick walls, wooden tabletops, and a beautiful epoxy floor are what you can expect to see by the time our diligent workers are finished. The facility also doubles as a drive-through, so you can pick up your coffee on the way into work. Soon all your lattes and fraps will be within reach and you'll have an all-new favorite lunch spot! 

Official Opening: Projected early 2020
Building: 814, Inside Gunter Express

Projected Menu: 

  • Expresso Drinks
  • Brewed Coffee
  • Frappuccino and Smoothies
  • Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches
  • Quick Grab & Go Treats
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Comments 1

Guest - Judy on Wednesday, November 20 2019 06:41

Glad to see Gunter begin to grow - looking forward to the Coffee Place.

Glad to see Gunter begin to grow - looking forward to the Coffee Place.
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Wednesday, August 12 2020

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