Practice Good Hygiene


Keeping the Home & Workplace Safe 

Encourage your family and coworkers to...

Practice Good Hygiene

  • Stop handshaking - use other non-contact methods of greeting
  • Clean hands a the door and schedule regular hand washing reminders by email
  • Create habits and reminders to avoid touching their faces and cover coughs and sneezes
  • Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly 
  • Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting the air conditioning

Be Careful With Meeting And Travel

  • Use video conferencing for meetings when possible
  • When not possible, hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces
  • Consider adjusting or postponing large meetings or gatherings
  • Assess the risk of business travel

Handle Food Carefully

  • Limit food sharing
  • strengthen health screening for cafeteria staff and their close contacts
  • Ensure cafeteria staff and their close contacts practice strict hygiene

Stay Home If...

  • They are feeling sick
  • They have a sick family member in their home

All individuals on the Maxwell-Gunter installation in the following locations and situations:

- Commissaries
- AAFES facilities (including the Base Exchange, gas stations, and shopettes)
- Maxwell AFB Clinic
- Any base customer service offices that are serving individual clients ( e.g. Military Personnel Section, Finance, Traffic Management Office, Legal)
- Any operating food establishments (including Dining Facilities)
- While traveling in a vehicle (GOV or POV) on the Maxwell-Gunter installation with anyone other than immediate family members
- Any academic settings where faculty or students are unable to maintain six feet social distancing

For all other settings not listed above, DoD Contractors, military members and their families will wear cloth face coverings on the installation wherever they cannot maintain six feet physical distance with others. Civilian employees are strongly encouraged to wear cloth face coverings while in their work center on the installation, especially where six feet social distancing guidelines cannot be followed. Organizations and units are actively working to purchase face coverings in order to furnish them to civilian employees. Once face coverings have been purchased for civilian employees, wear of face coverings becomes mandatory.

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Saturday, October 24 2020

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