For the health and safety of the community, this facility is open by registration only. All 18+ eligible patrons may sign up at this time. For more information, please visit the 42d FSS Alerts page. We will continue to update as new information becomes available.

  • Fitness
    Special Hours

    Fitness Centers are Open

    The Fitness Centers are open to all 18 & over eligible patrons. Special hours are reserved Active Duty and SFS Civilian defenders from 0600-0800 and 1700-1800. 100% ID check is enforced.

    Please read all rules before signing up for an available time slot.

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Feel the Burn!

It's important to stay fit and ready for whatever challenges could come your way, so let our personal trainers get you there! Already know what you're doing? All DoD card holders and sponsored guests are welcome to use the facility and check out equipment. Our amenities include a gymnasium, aerobic rooms, weight room, and group fitness classes. A variety of activities and sports sign-ups are also held throughout each quarter.

  • Maxwell Fitness Center
  • Maxwell Fitness Center
  • Maxwell Fitness Center

Fitness Centers Rules of Engagement:

  • Monday-Friday 0600-1800, Saturday-Sunday 0800-1600
    Open to Active Duty/Active Duty status military members only (100% ID check) during the hours of 0600-0800 and 1700-1800.

  • 1 hour appointments, sign up online only (plan on 55 min workout and 5 min transition time; no back-to-back appointments in same room);

  • Customers must wear a mask when entering fitness centers/annexes and maintain 6-ft physical distancing using the honor system

  • Customers/staff will wear masks when unable to maintain 6-ft physical distancing except while using cardio equipment
  • Customers clean equipment prior to and after use; wait 1 min while disinfecting equipment for cleaning agents to take effect
  • No water fountain usage; customers bring own water
  • Closed/unavailable: 24/7 access, locker rooms, showers, events, intramural sports, group exercise, equipment checkout, personal training, massage therapy, basketball/racquet ball courts, Alpha Warrior Rig
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Join The 3-week Commit to Fit Challenge!

Wellbeats is an easy-to-use, on-demand fitness platform that includes 500+ fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes for all ages, levels, and interests.

You can also find a NEW 3-week “Commit to Fit” Air Force challenge which includes a day-by-day schedule of workouts to complete for PT test prep. Wellbeats is available to all Air Force personnel and family members.

Download the Wellbeats app and register using code 479b0f59.
*This offer lasts through January 2021.

Special Offer

Our Services

Talk to our staff about proper workout techniques or equipment handling!


Intramural Sports

Age Policies

  • Basketball/Volleyball Courts

  • Racquetball Courts

  • Wallyball Courts

  • Group Exercise Room

  • Daily Use Locker Rooms

  • Cardiovascular/Free Weight Equipment

  • Women's Workout Room

  • Massage Therapy

  • 4 Softball Field Complex and T-ball Field

  • Mini Sport Complex

  • 7 Soccer Fields

  • 4 Tennis Courts

  • Racquetball

  • Regular/Beach Volleyball

  • Golf

  • Soccer

  • Softball

  • Regular/3-on-3 Basketball

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Tennis

  • Flag Football

  • Wallyball

  • Age 16 Unrestricted use of all Fitness Center facilities and equipment. No need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Age 13-15 All cardiovascular/weight equipment and group exercise rooms require interactive supervision by an adult at all times. Other activity areas including the basketball court, racquetball courts, and running track require a parent or legal guardian in the facility at all times.

  • Age 6-12 Access to cardiovascular/weight equipment and group exercise rooms is prohibited. Other activity areas including the basketball court, racquetball courts, and running track require a parent or legal guardian present at all times.

  • Age 5 & Under Not allowed in facility with the exception of those facilities providing a parent/child area (PAC) for supervised play and/or those children who are supervised spectators in a sports or special event.

  • Fitness Annex
    Fitness Annex
  • Fitness Annex
    Fitness Annex
  • Fitness Annex
    Fitness Annex
  • Fitness Annex
    Fitness Annex
  • Fitness Annex
    Fitness Annex
  • Fitness Annex
    Fitness Annex



    Check out our Fitness Brochure! Includes:

    • Hours of Operation
    • Contact Information
    • Rates or Fees
    • Directions
    • Description of Facilities

    Access the brochure at any time by downloading the Issuu app to your phone! Available on iOS & Android.



    Find Us Next Door!

    The Fitness Annex offers unique options including an indoor running track, free weights, a parent-child room, combat fitness area, a boxing room, and a TRX area!

    Aviation Cadet Pool

    More Than Family Fun!

    If swimming is more your type of exercise, we offer lap swimming from 11:30am-1pm every Tuesday-Friday during the open season!

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